Who We Are

Metagal is the #1 rearview mirror developer and manufacturer in Latin America. With over 50 years’ experience in the automotive industry, Metagal is also specialized in camera systems for direct and indirect monitoring of vehicle’s surroundings. Our goal is to leverage innovation, technology and human capital to provide safety and comfort to all drivers.



Our history is marked by our pursuit of innovation and continuous improvement. Founded by Roberto Luiz Gordon in Diadema, São Paulo, in 1961, Metagal’s main line of business was supplying parts for ABC region’s thriving automotive industry (the ABC region consisted of the cities of Santo André, São Bernardo and São Caetano). The entrepreneur kept pace with the industry’s leaps in technology and his company became leader in the development of rearview mirrors for vehicles.

Thanks to its founder’s pioneering and innovative spirit, the company is always seeking to improve processes through continuous investments in advanced technology and a highly qualified team of collaborators.


Product Line

Metagal’s products are designed with the highest quality standards in mind, built on 50 years of industry expertise, research, and know-how accumulated through patenting several products and industrial processes.

Metagal’s commitment to quality and innovation gives the company a key competitive edge to ensure it is always compliant with the strictest national and international regulations.


Our Industrial Units

Thanks to our modern structure, qualified personnel and world-class manufacturing practices, our industrial units in Brazil (Santa Rita do Sapucaí, Conceição dos Ouros, Diadema, and Manaus) and in Argentina (Buenos Aires) allow us to meet our clients’ needs with utmost efficiency, quality, competitivity and sustainability.

Santa Rita do Sapucaí – MG

Conceição dos Ouros – MG

Diadema – SP

Manaus – AM

Buenos Aires – Argentina


Technology and Innovation

Metagal LCD Full Mirror


  • Double function allows shifting between Mirror Mode and LCD Mode
  • Over 50° increased range for rear cameras
  • Prevents obstructions from passengers and objects in the back seat
  • High LCD brightness for glare management

Metagal 360º Vision


  • Intelligent Parking Assist System with 360° view
  • Camera with wide range of angulation to view the top of the vehicle
  • Object Detection Sensor with sound alarm (optional)


retrovisor 29


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Mercedes Benz   |   Mitsubishi   |   Nissan   |   PSA Peugeot – Citroën |   MAN   |

Renault   |   Iveco   |   Toyota   |   Honda Automobiles – Motorcycles   |   Agrale Trucks


Top quality is a crucial requirement for all Metagal’s products and processes.

Our culture and our philosophy drive our efforts to manufacture superior products. For this reason, Metagal is continuously investing in employee training, research, supplier quality assurance, as well as carefully selecting raw material and components to ensure the highest quality to the product.

Committed to providing high quality products and services with advanced technology, we adopt production/management best practices to delight our customers and meet deadlines, set competitive prices and strict quality standards.

Social Responsibility

Upon founding Metagal, Roberto Luis Gordon decided he should contribute to social and human development of the community around him. The company started supporting OAT’s and Comunidade Inamar’s projects back in the 1990s. Both institutions show great experience in social service and have active roles in social inclusion, education and professional training in Diadema.

OAT Instituição Beneficente

OAT was founded in the 1950s by Liga Israelita do Brasil, Shalom. The institution has worked with professional training, inclusion and socialization of people with mild levels of intellectual disability since 1956.  OAT currently assists 95 people of 14 years-old or older. Metagal is in charge of the institution’s kitchen, where around 50 meals are served to OAT’s staff and beneficiaries every day.

Comunidade Inamar

The Comunidade Inamar Project was founded in the 1970s with the aim to help socially vulnerable families in Diadema. Throughout the years, the initiative has developed its own pedagogy, called “Brincando de Aprender” (Playing the Learning Game), built upon the most advanced and effective pedagogical practices. Since 1992, Metagal is ahead of Roberto Luiz Gordon Day Care, a day care center named after Metagal’s founder. The center assists children from 1 to 5 years-old.

Learn more and support OAT and Comunidade Inamar.